NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On May 5, New Orleans Mayor Cantrell issued a statement about the New Orleans City Council’s veto override.

Mayor Cantrell said the decision to override her veto was a vote against an effective process for reviewing the Charter.

In a statement Cantrell said the following:

“Today, the New Orleans City Council voted to override my veto. This was a vote against a more effective process for reviewing the Charter,” said Mayor Cantrell. “This hurts the residents of New Orleans, making it more difficult for them to formulate a more informed decision once it’s on the ballot.” 

“I acknowledge the City Council for hearing my call to engage the community as a part of this vital civic process. I encourage the City Council to work with my administration to collectively focus on what matters most — serving the residents by filing a motion to establish a New Orleans Home Rule Charter Commission. As I mentioned Tuesday, we must meet the people where they are and allow their voices to be heard. We must give the people of New Orleans an opportunity to become more educated on the Charter.”   

“This is what our residents elected us to do. Now is the time to move past the rhetoric and focus our attention, as duly elected officials, on improving City services and enhancing the quality of life in our city. I welcome the opportunity to join with the City Council to ride a path of crucial civic consultation and allow the experts to conduct a full and thorough review of the Charter through a public engagement process.”   

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