NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Tuesday New Orleans Mayor Cantrell made an announcement that explained why she is vetoing the city council’s ordinance.

Mayor Cantrell made the announcement on social media.

Here is what Cantrell said in the post:

In the words of Keith Carroll:
“You gots to know I’m going to veto this ordinance passed by the City Council” 👎🚫

As you know, I’m the first woman mayor of this city and I will not be the last.
This legislation would diminish the trust that YOU put into the city’s top elected officials to adequately appoint and hire competent, qualified department directors.

For this reason, I am called upon for the first time in my tenure as Mayor to hereby veto the ordinance for the good of our City and the residents we serve.💛⚜️.”

Council Vice President JP Morrell responded to the decision in a statement:

“On April 26, the Council received a letter from Mayor Cantrell vetoing Ordinance Cal. No. 33,625, which would empower the voters of New Orleans to decide whether the Council should be required to confirm certain high-ranking executive branch appointments. 
The provisions for overriding a mayoral veto are set out in Section 3-113(3) of the Home Rule Charter. The Council must wait until its next regular meeting on May 5 to address the veto. At that meeting, or at the regular meeting on May 19, a two-thirds majority of the Council may vote to override the Mayor’s veto and approve Ordinance Cal. No. 33,625.”