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UPDATE — Hundreds and thousands of mayflies are swarming around this gas station in Slidell.

“I saw it last night around 11 and it was crazy,” says Dalton bond who witnessed the swarm firsthand.

Our cameras caught up with viewer Kenny Hickman, the man responsible for capturing the frenzy on his cell phone. He tells us it’s unlike anything he’s ever seen.

“I started filming it with my phone and I’m like I’m not getting out,” says Hickman.

Thankfully, mayflies have a short life span. They typically live for roughly 24 hours and that’s a good thing for business because who wants to tackle swarms and swarms of bugs at the pump?

“I’m either having them for dinner, up my ears, up my nose, I haven’t seen so many before swarm,” says Hickman.

Just like moths, mayflies are attracted to light, so a bright gas station fits the bill no matter how unnerving their buggy behavior seems to us.

“Gross. I don’t like bugs,” says Hickman.

SLIDELL, La. — Would you stop for gas if you saw this at the pumps?

Video provided by Sandy Hickman shows a massive swarm of mayflies taking over at a convenience store in Slidell.

Hickman said the gas station is on Military Road.

According to Entomology Today, mayfly swarms are common in late spring and early summer during mating season.