Master P at Guste Homes to promote healthy cognitive and brain function


NEW ORLEANS—Percy Miller, Master P, is no stranger to the Guste Homes in Central City and he stopped by today.

What first appeared to be a dance party for the folks living there actually turned out to be a seminar about healthy brain and cognitive function for the residents.

Miller said, “It’s all about the brain. Feeding the brain the right foods, how to nourish the brain, and when I found this out I said I’ve been coming to this community for over 20 years and I have to give this to the elderly in our community.”

The company Neurotrack presented the seminar for the seniors living at Guste, and it included a portion on diet and exercise, and they affect diseases like Alzheimer’s.

It might seem like a unique partnership for Miller, but it turn out that the company came to him with the collaboration, and he felt that the residents here could benefit.

“Working in Los Angeles with P Miller Enterprises, (Neurotrack) want to connect with us on the medical side. People forget about the elderly, these are people who paved the way for us.

And the folk at Guste Homes are people dear to Miller, “These are the people that raised me and I just love ’em.”

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