MANDEVILLE, La. (WGNO) – At her kitchen counter, 9-year-old Izzy Authement had an idea.

Something she’d been thinking about a lot lately because of a couple of family friends.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood says they are Louisiana kids.

And about Izzy’s age.

Izzy Authement will never forget, “Walker was about my age, Bella was a year older than me, they both got brain cancer and sadly passed away.”

And then, like a factory from the heart, Izzy, Inc. went into business.

Using beads and ribbons, she makes bracelets.

They are bracelets she sells to make money.

And the money goes to help kids with brain cancer.

Her big brother William Authement models the bracelets for you to see.

If you’re interested, you can just click right here, please.

In real life, Izzy is a fourth grader at Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School in Mandeville, Louisiana.

She’s an honor roll student who likes reading and spelling and math.

And she wants to be a veterinarian.

Back home, at her kitchen corporation, Izzy’s grandmother Pam became her money manager and publicity agent.

Pam Authement posts on social media what her only granddaughter is doing.

She’s the only granddaughter among five other grandsons.

Pam Authement says, “I guess this was a path to doing something of this compassionate nature.”

So far, the bracelets are selling out.

Each one is delivered with a handwritten thank you note from the CEO, herself.

Izzy Authement is the 9-year-old who lost her friends.

And found her way.

You can help kids with brain cancer by ordering a bracelet from Izzy by clicking here to contact her grandmother.

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