TERRYTOWN, La. (WGNO) — The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a man was fatally shot by a deputy.

It happened around 11:30 p.m. in the 2000 block of Daniels Road in Terrytown.

Crime scene tape was still dangling from the scene the following day.

“Kind of nerve-wrecking, that’s like right across from where I live,” said Bryan Sussmann. “Makes me feel kind of not safe where I live.”

JPSO says on Wednesday they were called out for a disturbance and tried to make contact with the resident.

They say after several minutes, he came out of his apartment, armed with a cutter mattock. That’s similar to a pickaxe or hammer.

Deputies say he charged at them, causing one of the deputies to open fire, hitting the man several times.

The shots were fatal, the man was pronounced dead on the scene.

“I wouldn’t expect nothing like that to go on in this corner,” said Desmond Mitchell, a neighbor in the area.

He, and others, say it’s a quiet, family-oriented community.

“It’s rare that we have disorderly conduct of anything of that nature,” said Sussmann.

The area is actually known for having a Jefferson Parish deputy controlling the area.

“The police presence is always around,” said Mitchell.

Officials say the incident was recorded on body-camera footage. An in-depth review of it will be part of the investigation.

The identity of the man fatally shot has not been released at this time.