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MANCHAC (WGNO)— Soldiers and Airmen with the Louisiana National Guard must be ready for any disaster especially hurricanes, so today they organized field emergency training.

By air in blackhawk helicopters, by land, and by water, the Louisiana National Guard knows what they need to do in an emergency, and it all starts with working together.

“As we integrate ourselves with the operations you will find that if we have to deal with some sort of disaster that familiar faces that everyone knows helps so we aren’t starting from scratch,” Col. Greg St. Romain, Commander 225th Engineer said.

These disaster response exercises give both state and local agencies a chance to test their capabilities as if they had a real disaster on their hands.

“From boat operations to communication integration as well as water mitigation efforts,” he said.

Being in Southeast Louisiana and dealing with hurricanes—flooding and water rescues are what they are being trained on here at the Manchac Boat Ramp.

“They are getting trained on rescue operations as well as lily pad operations where individuals are rescued and brought to a site,” he said.

They also exercised a supersack mission where in case of a breach of a levee or waterway.

Col. Greg St. Romain says the training exercises today showcased a real partnership with Tangipahoa Parish.

“I think it is very important because we continue to build relationships. We are just going to continue to showcase what we can do for everyone,” Col. Greg St. Romain said.