NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Parishioners of the Sixth Baptist Church at 928 Felicity Street were in for a shock when exiting morning service on Sunday.

One attendee, Zina Harris, told WGNO as many as six cars were burglarized while the congregation worshipped inside the Lower Garden District church around 10 a.m.

As seen in the gallery posted below, Harris sent WGNO videos and images showing the pillaged vehicles with windows smashed and interiors looted.

“It’s a disgrace and unfortunate that nowadays we have to provide security at places of worship to monitor cars,” Harris told WGNO. “It seems there is no respect of person or place where crime is happening in our city and around the world; and crime is happening at an alarming rate. 

“Much prayer is needed for what’s happening in our city,” Harris pleaded. “We need a healing and we need one speedily. 

“Lord Help Us!”

WGNO reporter Jordan Lippincott talked to the church reverend, Dr. Torin T. Sanders, but he declined to comment on camera.