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NEW ORLEANS – Would you just look who’s walking to New Orleans?

And, by the way, right into a Loyola University class full of acting students.

Right out of the TV show The Walking Dead, it’s actress Ann Mahoney.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is skipping in behind her to see what she’s up to.

Ann Mahoney has made a name for herself starring as Olivia on The Walking Dead on AMC.

From college classroom to television to Broadway, Ann’s been on some kind of stage since she was a kid.  Now she’s sharing her talent  by teaching college kids how to be a stars.

Ann’s got such a star-studded resume, she decided to write a book about how she does what she does.

The name of her book is Slap – Courage for the On-Camera Actor.

Slap is the name of her book because that’s what she’s known for doing as Olivia on The Walking Dead.

As a teacher and as an actress, Ann Mahoney is a hard act to follow.

She steals the show.

If she’s known now for walking to New Orleans right out of The Walking Dead, her students have to follow her lead.