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VIOLET, La. — A local woman, who gained notoriety by spraying Gorilla Glue on her hair spoke with WGNO’s LBJ about the ordeal.

Tessica Brown says it felt like somebody was taking a string around her head and tightening it every day. She also said it felt like ‘red ants were dancing on her scalp’.

Brown got help from a Los Angeles Dr. Michael Obeng, who performed the procedure on Brown free of charge.

Brown says, “He took it out and not only did he take it out, he took it out with something he made himself.”

You can see the full interview here:

Brown also stated that she’s been trying to thank all of the people that helped her and donated money to help her recover.

Her manager told WGNO that she is donating the majority of the that money to an organization called The Restore Foundation, which provides reconstructive surgery services to people around the world.