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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Even before you recognize what the contraption is rolling in the streets of Central City, you hear the music. And once it’s upon you, you recognize that someone has retrofitted a wheelchair.

The gentleman’s name is Akbar Muhammad, and he calls it the solar medical mobility pod. And while the rest of us were trying to figure out how to stay safe during the height of the pandemic, he got to work on the chair he needed to get around and how to make it more safe.

Muhammad says ‘During the two weeks shut in, your mind goes kinda crazy and so I created an idea that I wanted to shield myself and my chair to be safe from several things. Not only COVID, but the weather also.”

Muhammad’s retired, but his background in engineering and you certainly can tell from what’s now on the chair.

“I attached the solar mechanism to it, There’s cameras that I can view all the way around, I put handicap decals on it to let people know this is a wheel chair, by me enhancing and attaching the chair with a solar generator, I am able to use my nebulizer,” said Muhammad.

Muhammad also says that the chair gets a lot of attention, but he was simply trying to figure out a way to be more safe and to also take care of his daily needs.