Local make-up artists creates BOO-tiful Halloween looks!


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — If there’s any day of the year for a total transformation, it’s Halloween. It’s the one day you can explore your inner child, your inner fantasy, and become whoever you want to be. And what better way to change up a look than with a little bit of glam?!

“I celebrate any opportunity for anyone to transform their look and become any of their alter egos that they have inside,” said New Orleans make-up artist Midori Tajiri.

Tajiri specializes in the art of creative transformation. As a local make-up artist, Halloween is a time where she can bring your ultimate fantasy to life!

“It’s a time where you get to see adults be their inner child. Any type of inner person or creature or superhero that they’ve always wanted to be, I get to be the catalyst that helps bring that out,” said Tajiri.

So, we stopped by Tajiri’s studio in the Bywater to get the ultimate spooktacular make-over.

Over the course of three hours, Tajiri used my face as a canvas, creating a Halloween look I couldn’t of even dreamed of. After hours of anticipation, I couldn’t wait for the reveal.

Using make-up as her medium, Tajiri created a Halloween fantasy out of this world.

“Make-up isn’t just a tool to feel beauty or to feel that you need to rise to society’s standards, but make-up is a tool of transformation that puts you in the driver’s seat to become any person, or creature or thing you want to be any time of the day,” said Tajiri.

For more on Tajiri’s work, check out https://www.midorimakeup.com/.

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