NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — With two mass shootings in less than two weeks, it’s no surprise some states are reconsidering their gun laws.

In Baton Rouge, state lawmakers are considering a House Bill 31. It would all adults 21 and older to carry a concealed gun on their person without a permit.

Right now, a permit is required for concealed carry weapon holders. To gain that, a person must complete a nine-hour training course and pass a background check.

Jefferson Gun Outlet manager Devin Burgess says that the course can be beneficial to gun handlers.

“There’s a lot you probably wouldn’t realize that you should probably know,” he said.

At Burgess’ shop, concealed carry classes are offered. He says if the bill passes, he may take a hit with the amount of people who attend, but overall believes the want for a permit will still be there.

“It’s a great shield if you’re ever involved in a shooting,” said Burgess. “It says not only did I not need to take this course but I willfully took this course.”

He says it also comes in handy being that Louisiana is a concealed carry reciprocity state.

The bill has gained House approval and is making its way to the Senate.