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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)— It’s been four months since a new self-serve bar opened its doors to the community in downtown Gretna.

Stained Glass Wine House, owned and operated by four Air Force veterans explain how their passion to serve continues in their community.

Tasha, Rick, Gary, and Kyle are all in the Louisiana Air National Guard.

The group of friends has been working together for about 20 years.

At one point, the group was all in a construction squadron together. Their friendship grew just out of sheer close-quarters work and numerous activations. 

Their love for travel, wine, and spirits alike sparked a vision to create something for the community to enjoy and experience.

The team of four, along with other friends and family helped create their own vision of the “bar of the future.”

“Covid has changed the world and we fully feel this business can be the launching point for the bar of the future,” said Kyle Gregore.

Along with that, the group wanted to create a place where anyone aged 21 and older can enjoy a drink, relax and have a good time without any interruption.

The team invites the community to “Come travel the world one ounce at a time.” 

To learn more about Stained Glass Wine House visit their website.