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GRETNA, La. (WGNO) – An investigator took the stand for the prosecution Friday. He tracked the phone and email records between accused murderer Terry Speaks and his alleged accomplice and then girlfriend, Margaret Sanchez. Both face second-degree murder and obstruction of justice charges for the killing and dismemberment of Bourbon Street dancer and mother Jaren Lockhart three years ago. In these phone calls and emails, lots of anger, lots of animosities. Below are transcriptions of some of the emails and phone calls played in court:

A recording was played between Terry Speaks and his ex-wife where he asked her: ‘Was I big on the news and all that? I was like just as big as the guy who did the Colorado bombing.’

Then the prosecution played a long, drawn out, paranoid, rambling recording of Speaks when he called Sanchez. At one point he says: ‘We are definitely being recorded. I can hear it clicking. That’s ok.’

The phone calls between Sanchez and Speaks were very emotional with lots of screaming, yelling, crying and cursing.

Sanchez wrote to Speaks in one email: “My heart is broken, my head is fried.”

Then Sanchez told Speaks while he was in jail she wanted to move on and marry someone else, named Johnny.

He reacted vehemently in the phone calls, cursing at her, yelling. Then he made numerous vague threats, one of them: “Remember when you had to work and I had to spring clean? Well, I saved some things if you went off course.”

He also told her on the phone: “What happens to me, unfortunately, happens to you. That’s the sad part of this whole story. What happens to you, happens to me. I’m going to go to those people Monday and no one’s going to have a life.”

A phone call between Sanchez & Speaks. (Speaks was in jail, Sanchez was in Vegas, Nevada) 9/17/2013

Speaks: Hello?

Sanchez: Hello.

Speaks: Hey Girl

Sanchez: I Love you

Sanchez: I Love you

Speaks: I want you to just relax and breathe when I say this

Sanchez: OK? 

Speaks: We’re probably being recorded, which is ok.

Sanchez: Uh..

Speaks: The FBI in Mississippi just came to talk to me, and they talked to me about that whole thing with that girl. I told her I don’t remember anything, we were on things: bath salts, weed — that’s the lifestyle we were living. And they were saying we saw the girl walking with you from the store or whatever and they tried to get a map to show us all walking, then they said all three of us got into a car…

Then they said I was in Mississippi one time with Margaret, to show me the ocean. But they said ‘She told LeighAnn that you threw letters in the ocean.’

That probably came from on our first date we were sitting on the bench, I told her something to get rid of and write it down and we walked to the end of the rocks and threw it in the water

Sanchez: That’s what I said?

Speaks: And they said you know she has an attorney and they’re working out a deal for you.

Sanchez: That’s bull [EXPLETIVE]

Speaks: And then they said we had a pit in the backyard and the cadaver dogs smelt like, that we were trying to burn something out there. And I said I feel like an alien in another world. And she had some white sandals that she was wearing and they said we found the buckles.

What are you crazy?

We can’t fabricate stuff.

They said they had us on a video coming from Mississippi to Nola.

I said we were never in Mississippi.

They just fabricating all kinds of stuff.
I sent you a long email of what they were saying.
I said this was tragic and I am sorry and what you’re saying, why haven’t you charged someone, because you don’t have any evidence.

If she OD’d it’s not a homicide.

 What about the body being cut up and dumped? You guys were scared and tried to get rid of the body.

Dude, nothing happened? Why are you trying to say all of this stuff

Sanchez: They told my dad that when this first happened. They told my dad to–

Speaks: We are definitely being recorded. I can hear it clicking. That’s ok.

They came to me today and I said it’s not going to hold up in court… I remember something, we went drinking —  I remember we drank and we hung around and talked…

We didn’t take no car. No girl got in a car with us. None of that happened. We didn’t go to Mississippi.

You saying you don’t remember? No, I am telling you this is what is in my head. That didn’t happen. We talked to someone… That’s what I am telling you. I don’t remember anything and you’re driving me crazy. I am done.