NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Homeowners in New Orleans East have dealt with unfinished roadwork for over two years. Puddles, brush, and orange cones filled Mercier Street since the project started.

“Garbage trucks been stuck there, mail trucks been stuck, other vehicles hitting the grates,” Larry Jackson said. “You name it, it has happened.”

Jackson lived on Mercier Street for 27 years. He said the road caused costly damage to his car as well.

“The entire street, when it rains, it’s a canal,” Jackson said.

The road work website listing for Mercier Street showed a scheduled end date of January-March 2023 and a budget of over $21 million. However, it did not provide information on how much money will go toward fixing Mercier Street.

Jackson said he’s frustrated with the lack of information but was not surprised.

“It’s extremely aggravating,” Jackson said. “But it goes along with everything else with infrastructure in New Orleans at this point.”

The roadwork department did not respond to our request for information on the project.

WGNO reached out to Councilman Oliver Thomas, who presides over New Orleans District E. Here’s what his office said about the road issues:

“Roadwork construction has been an issue for quite some time in the City of New Orleans, more particularly within District E.   My office gets over a dozen calls each day regarding lingering or outstanding construction projects. As it relates to 7600 Mercier Street, it is my understanding that the remaining work on this block is to pour curb and gutter along with removing old and adding new base course, then asphalt will be laid according to DPW.  

As Chair of Public Works, I have convened several meetings with DPW regarding the status of these projects and will continue to meet for status updates.  Just last week, at the Public Works Committee meeting, DPW along with the several contactors was in attendance to provide an update on the Roadwork projects throughout the city.  It was stated at the meeting that All work on the Littlewoods Group A project is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2023.  So, I believe progress is being made, but we have a lot more work to do.”