LBJ’s searching for how to fix Drew!

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NEW ORLEANS— So like the rest of the city I’m up in arms because #9 isn’t well. And so we’ve decided to come talk to the man himself to figure out what to do to fix Drew!

‘Mr. Benson, we’re in a bad way. What do we do?  We were supposed to make a run this year. We’ve got all of our players and it’s been only 2 games and Drew is hurt.’

After consulting with Mr. Benson I took it to the streets. A case like this needs some help from the ancestors, and I think we can find that right here at Pharaoh’s Cave.

Owner Khaled Hagazzi said, “We have Isis the goddess of healing and power, and we have the famous god Thoth, he’s the god of medicine, and we have the goddess Sekhmet, the most powerful goddess in ancient Egyptian history- she’s the goddess of power and strength and we have a little bit of sage that we light and pray for healing and recovery for Drew Brees.

We’re pulling out all the cards and we had to go to Jackson Square to see Melanie the Tarot reader.

According to Melanie “Well, Drew’s the King of Swords he has a storng life force. He can overcome any obstacles he encounters. Just think positive thoughts and he’ll get through it”

We even spoke to the professional, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Christopher Marrero, “We think it’s an ulnar collateral ligament injury of the thumb of his throwing hand, which is his right hand.”

So the healing time according to Dr. Marrero is 6-8 weeks, that means there’s only one thing for us to do… pray!



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