Landrieu to remove ‘people that are not performing well’ at S&WB

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NEW ORLEANS – Mayor Mitch Landrieu is cleaning house at the Sewerage and Water Board after it became clear that the board’s leadership lied about the city’s pumping capacity during Saturday’s flood.

Citing a need to maintain credibility throughout all levels of government, Landrieu said it’s time for a fresh start.

“I completely and totally understand and feel the people’s frustration after the flood, and more importantly some of the misinformation that they have been given,” Landrieu said.

Earlier today, Landrieu accepted the resignation of S&WB executive director Cedric Grant, who will serve in his position until the end of hurricane season.

Landrieu said at an afternoon press conference that Grant will not be alone.

“On Thursday, as president of the Sewerage and Water Board, I will call an emergency meeting to discuss additional measures we need to take both on infrastructure and personnel,” Landrieu said. “At that meeting, I am going to recommend the termination of General Superintendent Joe Becker, and thank him for his service to the city, and the communications director Lisa Martin. I have also accepted the resignation of Public Works director Mark Jernigan. Effective August 18, Dani Galloway will serve as interim director.”

Landrieu said he has ordered an independent, third party analysis of the flooding, the aftermath, and the reaction of the S&WB.

“We are going to take action, and we’re going to remove the people that are not performing well,” Landrieu said.


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