Landrieu: House vote on healthcare bill ‘should scare every American’

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NEW ORLEANS – Mayor Mitch Landrieu thinks this afternoon’s vote by House Republicans to gut the Affordable Healthcare Act “should scare every American.”

Landrieu issued a statement in response to the vote, which paves the way for a “repeal and replace” of former President Obama’s signature healthcare law.

“This healthcare bill blatantly violates President Trump’s campaign promise that under his administration, more Americans would have better healthcare for less money,” Landrieu said.

All Americans should be afraid by the bill, Landrieu said, since it shows “Congress doesn’t know how many people this bill will hurt or what it costs.”

“Unfortunately, estimates are that this bill will be a tragic mistake for tens of millions of families,” he said. “It eliminates protections for basic health care benefits, resulting in a race to the bottom for health insurance coverage. This means a return of lifetime limits on coverage and the elimination out-of-pocket cost cap.”

More than 420,000 Louisiana residents could also lose Medicaid as the bill rolls back coverage, according to Landrieu.

“As we enter into this time of uncertainty, I will continue to stand with my fellow Mayors to fight for all Americans,” he said.


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