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NEW ORLEANS — The City of New Orleans now has the green light from an appeals court to take down confederate monuments in the city.  The monuments have been in place for decades.  Mayor Mitch Landrieu began leading the effort in June of 2015 by saying that the monuments, “…don’t really reflect who we were historically.” Last year, the city cut the ribbon on the new streetcar line that runs along North Rampart.  It took two years to build and includes a series of streetlights that were chosen for the $40 million project because they blend in with the historic neighborhoods along the route. If you look closely at the lights, the bases have four sides and commemorate countries that have ruled Louisiana.  One reads, “Spanish Domination 1769-1803.”  Another one marks the period France ruled.  Yet another side reads, “American Domination 1803-1861 1865 To Date.” The fourth side on the base of the new light posts reads, “Confederate Domination 1861-1865.” The letters are painted green along with the bases, so you have to get pretty close to even read them.  In fact, it took a WGNO viewer to point them out to us. As plans move forward to take down the confederate monuments, some people in the community would like to see additional monuments removed.  Others are also asking that school and street names be changes. We’ve asked the mayor’s office for a comment on the light poles and to see if the city would consider removing them as well.  We’ll pass along their response!