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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- Trying to find the perfect mate in the world of online dating can be challenging, right?  But…get this,  There’s a site called that aims to set the bar high—a date with a price tag!

News with a Twist’s Kenny Lopez takes a look at, where New Orleans ranks pretty high with guys spending plenty of dough for dates.

On, it’s an online dating auction where the guys pick the right price and the ladies agree to go on a first date with the gentleman bidder.  The date-auction site collected information to find the Most Generous Cities in America, ranking how much money the men were willing to spend for a date.

The website calculated the generosity of its more than 800,000 members according to the average first date offer made through the site.

Top 10 Most Generous Cities in America on

1. Reno, Nevada- $230
2. Charlotte, North Carolina- $208
3. New Orleans, Louisiana- $197
4. Memphis, Tennessee- $183
5. Washington, D.C. -$177
6. Dallas, Texas- $175
7. Miami, Florida- $168
8. Boston, Massachusetts- $154
9. Chicago, Illinois- $148
10. Houston, Texas- $143

In a statement, spokespeople for the website said, “New Orleans ranked extremely high among our list of generous cities. With its vibrant nightlife and amazing culinary scene, it’s no surprise that gentlemen from New Orleans are willing to pay the price to show their ladies a good time. While WhatsYourPrice members are naturally inclined towards chivalry, cities like New Orleans, Charlotte, Memphis, Dallas and Houston dominating WhatsYourPrice’s list of generous cities can most likely be attributed to good old Southern Hospitality.”   “The way a man spends his money is a reflection of his sincerity and character,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and founder of “While women don’t necessarily equate money with love, they are more financially independent than ever before, and are more drawn to men who can demonstrate their ability to provide for a partner.”