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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Your chance of getting struck by lightning in Louisiana appears to be on the rise.

State Farm ranks the state third in the nation, according to the number of State Farm insurance related lightning claims in 2015.

The state moves up one spot from the previous year.

State Farm reports paying out more than $6.3 million dollars on 1,391 lightning claims across Louisiana in 2015.

The average cost per claim was about $4,600. Georgia led the nation with the most lightning claims.

Top 10 States for # of Paid Lighting Claims in 2015

  Paid Claims Amount Paid Avg per Claim
1 Georgia 2,718 $15,883,289.00 $5,843.74
2 Texas 1,789 $17,165,170.00 $9,594.84
3 Louisiana 1,391 $6,368,311.00 $4,578.23
4 Alabama 1,264 $7,938,262.00 $6,280.27
5 Illinois 916 $5,785,469.00 $6,316.01
6 Tennessee 791 $5,704,605.00 $7,211.89
7 Florida 774 $10,163,753.00 $13,131.46
8 Missouri 763 $4,824,721.00 $6,323.36
9 North Carolina 750 $5,107,381.00 $6,809.84
10 Arkansas 721 $6,121,688.00 $8,490.55

June, July, and August are the times of year when lightning is most frequent.

Here are some tips from State Farm on how to protect yourself from lightning:

  • If a building is not available, take shelter in a car with a metal top and keep doors and windows closed.
  • Certain locations are extremely hazardous during thunderstorms. Avoid lakes, beaches or open water; fishing from a boat or dock; and riding on golf carts, farm equipment, motorcycles or bicycles. Never seek shelter under a tree.
  • If caught outdoors, try to minimize your risk by going to a place of lower elevation.
  • Stay off landline/wired telephones and utilize a cell phone if necessary. In your home, do not stand near open windows, doorways or metal piping. Stay away from the TV, plumbing, sinks, tubs, radiators and stoves. Avoid contact with small electric appliances such as radios, toasters and hairdryers.