Kenner mayor reports no residential damage after rig blast rattles neighborhoods


Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn

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KENNER – The rig that exploded last night, injuring seven workers and leaving one unaccounted for, sent a sonic shock wave throughout parts of Kenner.

The rig, which is about one and a half miles northwest of the Williams Boulevard boat launch, exploded just after 7:15 p.m. on October 15, according to Jefferson Parish officials.

Residents of the Gabriel, Chateau Lakefront, and Woodlake subdivisions were the closest to the blast, according to Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn.

Firefighters and other city crews have been active in those neighborhoods checking to see if any homes or businesses received damage from the blast, according to Zahn.

“We have no reports of anything, no factual reports,” he said. “We had one report of maybe some pebbles hitting a home. I don’t know anything about how far that goes, but I’m telling you that there was no structural damage, no Kenner residents in any kind of harm at this point.”

City officials will continue to canvass the city and monitor for any damage, but Zahn said he feels confident that the city is in good shape after the explosion.


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