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KENNER (WGNO) — Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn brought forth accusations of an alleged election rigging scheme involving the Police Chief race. These allegations were brought forth against Zahn’s former campaign consultant Greg Bussion and District 4 Councilman Dominick Impastato.

“Bussion’s main concern was Keith Conley as Police Chief and his fear was that I’d publicly support Councilman Mike Sigur in that race in Police Chief against Conley,” Zahn said.

Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn says his campaign consultant Greg Bussion along with Councilman Dominick Impastato are involved in a possible election rigging scheme trying to get Mike Sigur to run against Tom Wilmont for Councilman-at-Large instead of running for Chief of Police.

“I did not agree and I would not agree that is not the way or how a fair election works,” Zahn said.

But Dominick Impastato says Bussion and himself did nothing wrong.

Impastato said, “We didn’t extort anyone. Candidly if Mike Sigur wanted to run for Chief of Police, I have no problem with that. This is as false as it could be. It may be that he doesn’t understand what the word fraud or extortion means. The reality is that’s absolutely not what happened.”

Zahn said, “I’m outraged. We will not be bullied. We will not be extorted.”

Impastato said all of this is coming out now because Zahn is fearful of not getting re-elected. Zahn says it is not about his election but about the integrity of Kenner politics.