Kenner giving out ice, fresh produce, and water outside Macy’s parking lot at Esplanade Mall


KENNER (WGNO)— Recovery mode is in full effect in Kenner where they’ve set up a mass distribution site at the Esplanade Mall to help people get the supplies they need in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

All these open trunks are ready to be filled.

“Load and go!”

In Kenner at the Esplanade Mall in the Macy’s parking lot there’s a supply giveaway going on.

“We have these people who are helping us, God bless them,” Babs Cory said.

And for Brian Labruzza—getting ice, water, and fresh produce melts his hears because stores are running out.

“It is just a blessing, the resources are scarce. They are selfless because they’d rather help us then themselves. That’s what the world is supposed to be about,” Labruzza said.

Kenner’s Mayor Ben Zahn says all this is just one step in the recovery process.

“On Monday morning I thought it was biblical, but now I don’t think it’ll be as long as we estimated,” Mayor Zahn said.

The biggest issues for Kenner now is getting the power back on and fixing all the roof damage.

“Keep the faith and we are going to be okay. We all knew this would be primitive lifestyle for a few days,” Mayor Zahn said.

All this loading and going show’s people’s drive to keep on moving.

“I’m holding up, it’ll just make us stronger,” Labruzza said.

Kenner resident Ronnie Mains—the owner of CRC Global Solutions is being a major help by providing all the trucks with the supplies.

This distribution site is located on the Northeast side of the Macy’s parking lot at the Esplanande Mall.

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