NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Louisiana rescue and recovery teams were sent out throughout the week to help people in Florida.

Errol Joseph is a Lower Ninth Ward native who lived through Hurricane Katrina.

“Homeowners insurance wouldn’t pay us. Flood insurance wouldn’t pay us,” Joseph said.

That was only the beginning of his road to recovery. It wasn’t until 10 years had passed that his family home was finally rebuilt.

“I got some imperfections,” Joseph said. “The contractors, when I see them, I get mad. But just study God’s word and you’ll see better days.”

That’s his advice to Floridians who found devastating views this week.

“We have power but we have no running water,” Don Dest of Fort Myers, Fla. said. “We’ve gotten notifications from Lee County to conserve what we have. So, I take that to mean it could be a while.”

Ian was a first for Don Dest, who only lived in Fort Myers a few years.

“We started getting these extreme wind warnings from the National Weather Service,” Dest said. “They were saying to treat it like a tornado. That’s when we headed for the closet.”

That’s where they stayed. They woke up to find, they were some of the lucky ones with minimal damage.

For those who needed a little extra help, the Louisiana Red Cross was there.

“Maybe get a T-shirt, maybe replace their medication or get some of the durable medical supplies they need as well,” said Louisiana Red Cross CEO Shawn Schulze. “1,300 of our fellow red crossers across this nation are on the ground there supporting. dropping everything back at home to go and support their neighbors and we’re so proud of them for doing that. Eleven of them are out of Louisiana that have joined.”

Two Red Cross emergency vehicles were sent to Florida. Another was on its way as of Friday.

Donations to the Red Cross can be made here.

For Joseph, it was those volunteers that made all the difference.

“It was just the most rewarding situation I’d ever had in my life to deal with this many people,” Joseph said. “And they still constantly call, text, email and everything.”

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