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NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans welcomed some cool animals to the convention center this weekend but maybe not the animals you’re thinking of.

WGNO took a trip down the road to see what all the roaring was about!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all about dinosaurs and families– kind of a strange mix, but it couldn’t have come together more perfectly.

“Zori loves dinosaurs and we love to do family things together!” Parent, Lauren Golden, told us. “She loves bouncy houses and i know she was excited about riding on a dinosaur as well.”

Yup, that’s right, dinosaur rides were an option if you were brave enough to take on the task! Unique balloons, discovering fossils, and standing in ancient eggs seemed to excite the kids quite a bit. But, perhaps, the most exciting part of the quest was learning history about the extinct animals.

“We bring the factual side of dinosaurs along the fun, magical side, to make an experience you wont forget” Spokesperson and Dinosaur Trainer, Safari Sarah, said.

The facts include migration patterns, plates, skeletons, and even skin textures! Sarah showed me some fun facts about a dinosaur called Kosmoceratops! Did you know, they have one of the shortest frills in the dinosaur family?!

Parents also find it neat to have an opportunity to bond with their children over history. “It’s important to have things in our city, especially for kids. Anything that we can do to make more family fun is really important to us.”

Jurassic Quest is expected to happen again next summer! If you missed out, mark your calendars for July 2020.