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METAIRIE, LA.-  The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team has shut down the 6900 block of Asher Street in Metairie. Just after 5 a.m., an elderly man called 911 and told the dispatcher that had shot his wife and was thinking about shooting himself, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto said. The SWAT team was mobilized and converged on the house, shutting down traffic on surrounding streets. “I was leaving to go to work and the cops were just getting here,” neighbor Tisha Morris told WGNO.  “One of the cops came out and kind of kneeled down by his car and had his gun drawn and told me to go the other way.” The SWAT team used robots to enter the house, where they found the bodies of the man and woman. “We found the door partially opened at this location.  With our SWAT team and the assistance of our robots, we made entry with our robots finding an elderly deceased female in the residence and also an elderly deceased male,” Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said. Multiple neighbors said the couple was quiet and kept to themselves.  They added that that the couple may have both been dealing with health issues. One neighbor said that he’d lived on the street for about ten years.  He said that the elderly man who lived in the house might wave hello occasionally, but didn’t really interact with other people on the block.  The same neighbor added that in ten years, he’d never even seen the woman who lived in the house. The families of the deceased have not yet been notified, according to Lopinto.