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JEFFERSON, La. — Short-term rentals like Airbnb have been banned in some areas of Jefferson Parish.

The Jefferson Parish Council unanimously passed an ordinance Wednesday (Feb. 21) that prohibits short-term rentals in residential and industrial zoning districts, but allows them in commercial and mixed-use zoning districts.

Short-term rental is defined in Jefferson Parish as a “dwelling unit” that’s rented for less than 30 days for compensation.

Unlike in neighboring Orleans Parish, there was little objection to the move. The ban is supported by civic groups that were involved in crafting the ordinance. Most people spoke in favor of the ordinance, with some saying they want the ordinance to go further and ban on all short-term rentals in Jefferson Parish.

Short-term rentals must be licensed in Jefferson Parish and must pay sales and use taxes.

Current short-term rental owners who are located in banned zoning districts have 12 months to stop operating as a short-term rental business.