Jack Strain’s wife along with an alleged victim testify today in the sex abuse trial in St. Tammany Parish


COVINGTON (WGNO)– Week two of the sex abuse trial involving former St. Tammany Parish Sheriff—Jack Strain continued in Covington with Strain’s wife testifying as well as another family member who’s accusing Strain of inappropriately touching him as a boy and teen.

Lisa Strain—Jack Strain’s wife of 37 years testified today appearing defensive when prosecutors asked her questions about her husband. While on the stand Lisa testified that she confronted her husband about the multiple allegations including the family member who accused Strain of inappropriately touching him on hunting trips, when he was a boy. Lisa said that Jack told, “I never did anything to that boy.” Defense attorneys went on to ask her if she ever saw any inappropriate sexual conduct and she said no. Prosecutors continued to press her on discussions she had with Strain and text message exchanges with her family.

Next up to the take the stand was the family member who accused Strain. He said the inappropriate touching and talk of his body made him feel awkward and confused, and that he never discussed it with Strain. He said he saw Strain as a father figure growing up because he’d take him on trips. When the defense questioned the same accuser, he was crying and shaking. The defense tried to prove the accuser had happy times with Jack. The defense tried to prove the FBI blackmailed the accuser trying to offer pieces of evidence that the jury was not allowed to hear. One of the most powerful moments was when the alleged victim yelled and pointed at Jack saying, “He needs to pay for what he did.”

Terry King with Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany Parish said, “The testimony was very compelling. He had a story that seemed believable and similar to some of the other victims testimony and he stuck to it.”

Another shocking moment was when the alleged victim testified saying as a young boy he would wear two pairs of underwear around Jack to avoid being touched.

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