Ivan Neville talks about his battle with COVID-19


NEW ORLEANS— New Orleans singer and keyboardist Ivan Neville is talking about his family’s battle with coronavirus.

Neville said he began to have fever in mid-March and his symptoms worsened.

“At my lowest point I was scared. I was thinking I don’t want to die, and I didn’t want to watch the news, and I was hearing stories about people my age, 60 and over having a hard time being put on ventilators and things of that nature and I was like I don’t want to do that,” said Neville.

Ivan Neville performing on Facebook (WGNO-TV)

Ivan is the son of singer Aaron Neville, performed with his uncles and dad with the Neville Brothers, Keith Richards’ X-pensive Winos group, and his own band Dumpstaphunk.

Ivan’s longtime girlfriend, Ashley Martin, also battled coronavirus. Both are on the road to recovery, but he also offered some advice that he says helped him along.

“If you’ve gained the strength to do stuff, I would encourage you to do so. Do just lie around. If you have this thing, if you have the strength to take a walk, take a walk. Read up on breathing exercises and things of that nature, that will help you,” said Neville.

Ivan Neville performs regularly on his own and the Dumstaphunk facebook pages.


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