It’s no ‘Mickey Mouse’ Collection


A Louisiana man's accumulation is close to 25,000

COVINGTON, La – From a North Shore neighborhood.

And the comfort of a Covington home.

Mark Markiewicz is hooked.

He just can’t stop collecting Mickey Mouse.



Even his pet parrot is named Mickey Mouse.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is with Mark and his Mickeys.

Mark is a retired cop who moved his life and his Mickeys to Louisiana.

From consignment shops to flea markets, Mark now patrols a new beat.

He’s always searching for suspects to take back to his Mouse House.

That’s where he holds the key.

That’s actually a key to the spare bedroom that’s now his showroom.

With an accumulation close to 25,000, Mark may have more Mickeys than anybody, anywhere.


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