Is your dog stressed? Time for a doggy massage!

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METAIRIE – Does your pooch need a break after a bad trip to the vet? Could your floppy-eared family pet use a little “me” time?

Now you can bring your dog to the Metairie Small Animal Hospital for a canine massage treatment.

“We are excited to offer massage as another avenue of care for our patients,” assistant practice manager Amy Kennedy said. “As a practice that has been in business for over 70 years, MSAH is always looking for new ways we can improve our patient’s’ quality of life.”

Trained pet masseuse Becki Francis will administer the massages, which are designed to increase blood flow and help damaged tissues heal, according to Francis.

“By implementing massage techniques into a dog’s treatment plan, we can have a direct impact on the healing process,” Francis said. “It not only reduces the pet’s overall stress level, allowing affected tissues to repair at a faster rate, but also helps to rebalance the sources of pain. During the sessions, you can see the dogs become more comfortable, as they are typically very receptive to the treatments.”

Massage treatments will be available at the Metairie Small Animal Hospital’s main location at 101 Metairie Road from Tuesdays through Saturdays.


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