Introducing a new kind of Po-Boy: The Gelato Po-Boy at Haydel’s Bake Shop

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NEW ORLEANS-- How do you like your po-boy?  With oysters? With shrimp? Maybe with roast beef?   Well, we bet you've never seen a po-boy like this before?

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez takes us to Haydel's Bake Shop where their po-boy isn't savory, but sweet!

Your average po-boy just got richer!  Rich with sweetness!

"So we are putting expresso latte gelato, chocolate gelato, and raspberry gelato on this eclair to make a gelato po-boy," Lauren Haydel with Haydel's Bake Shop said.

They cut one of their eclairs in half and then fill them with whatever flavors of gelato that you'd like.

Lauren Haydel says her husband, Ryan Haydel realized that eclairs and gelato go together so naturally!

"My husband is a 3rd generation baker from Haydel's Bakery and he opened up this bake shop on Magazine Street.  He worked with Piccola Gelateria on Freret Street to get their gelato in the bake shop," she said.

The Gelato Po-Boy comes in two sizes.  The small one is $5.50, and the large one is $12.50.

For more information about Haydel's Bake Shop, click HERE.




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