Interest in the Black experience prompts book sales

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NEW ORLEANS–One result of the current discussions about race and inequality is a heightened interest in learning about the Black experience and history nationwide. That desire to learn comes from people of different races, and in our city the Community Book Center is serving that interest.

Community Book Center (WGNO-TV)

Vera Warren-Williams of Community said,”I see a lot of people with a genuine interest, a genuine sense of empathy in what they now recognize as the plight of African Americans.”

Community has been around since 1983, and the current demand for some books has posed a challenge.

Vera Warren-Willams of Community Book Center (WGNO-TV)

“The majority of the people that have been buying books for their personal awareness. The challenge with that is the books that they want, ‘White Fragility’, ‘Me and White Supremacy’, ‘How to Be an Anti-Racist’ had been out of stock, because of the interest,” said Warren-Williams.

Georgina Molinar purchases books for her book club (WGNO-TV)

The stock of those titles has been replenished and today Georgina Molinar was there to get a set for her book club, and to help the community.

Molinar stated, “Just the current environment that we live in and we wanted to actually start buying our books from local bookstores and this is the first one that we kind of all agreed on to buy from the same book store and make like a big order”


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