Instruments A Comin’ 2019 may not occur after Tipitina’s ownership changeover

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NEW ORLEANS – The changeover of ownership at the legendary Uptown music club Tipitina’s was widely celebrated by the New Orleans music community as the band Galactic took over, but that change has left one of Tipitina’s signature annual philanthropic effort in limbo.

Instruments a Comin’, an effort created by the Tipitina’s Foundation designed to donate instruments to music programs in New Orleans schools, may not occur this year.

According to a statement issued by Tipitina’s and Galactic, Instruments A Comin’ 2019 may not happen as scheduled since the club’s former owner, Roland Von Kurnatowski, owns the rights to the event.

“As part of the deal when the club was purchased at the end of 2018, Mr. Von Kurnatowski retained the rights to hold this event, as well as the date at the club,” according to the statement. “Mr. Von Kurnatowski also retained the use of the Tipitina’s name in connection with the Tipitina’s Foundation for a limited wind down period.”

No information on the future of the fundraising event has been provided by Von Kurnatowski or his associates, according to Tipitina’s and Galactic.

“We have reached out numerous times to try and get clarity on what Mr. Von Kurnatowski’s proposed plans are for Instruments A Comin’ and the date at the club,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, at this time we have received nothing concrete.”

But that doesn’t mean the new owners of Tipitina’s plan to abandon the club’s philanthropic pursuits.

“We are currently in the process of putting together our own philanthropic events in the future and look forward to announcing those plans very soon,” the statement reads.

Until then, Instruments A Comin’ may be a thing of the past.


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