NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— High school students from InspireNOLA Charter Schools: Edna Karr, Elanor McMain, and McDonogh 35 are standing up against gun violence with a peace walk.

“We are less than 30 days away from Mardi Gras and we are concerned about protection for our students and how our students can get get through a and have a safe Mardi Gras,” Jamar McNeely, CEO of InspireNOLA Charter Schools said.

“As an educator nothing impacts us more than knowing that I have young people who do not feel safe and that is not okay,” Dr. Avis Williams, NOLA Public Schools Superintendent said.

New Orleans City Council President JP Morrell said, “There needs to be a transparent public conversation as what we will do to tackle this issue.”

After the peace walk, students met in the Edna Karr gym to start the conversation. When asked how many kids had a friend or family member who was shot, nearly every kid in the gym raised their hand.

“We as elected officials have to do better,” Morrell said.

Still, many believe the problem starts at home.

“So I need parents to get involved. I don’t need to see a plethora of parents when it is a party, because we are not going to have too many parties, if we keep dying. We are not going to have a second line or Mardi Gras if it is completely unsafe to pump gas,” Bridgette Martin, Parent of Edna Karr students said.

Although today didn’t solve the violence problem. Leaders believe it got kids to think more about peace. Peace that can begin with them.

Students today said they are tired of going to funerals, tired of going to balloon releases, and they are tired of being worried over Christmas break that their friends may not come back to school ever again.