In spite of cancellation, Hogs For The Cause still gave out 500k

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NEW ORLEANSHogs for the Cause, the annual festival dedicated to preparing and eating a pig every way possible didn’t happen this spring.

That’s no surprise considering that everything’s been cancelled since March, but what is a pleasant surprise is the the nonprofit ‘Hogs’ was still able to provide over $500,000.00 in grants to families of children with pediatric brain cancer.

Becker Hall, Co-Founder of Hogs For The Cause

Becker Hall, co-founder of ‘Hogs’ said, “Its a great feeling. It’s something that we’ve said from day one. It was always the money that comes in, it’s going back out. It’s always mission first for us. We’d rather… it’s not a really good business model to put your business in an uncomfortable position going forward, but there’s people out there that need this help. Pediatric brain cancer is still going to be the number one brain cancer when we get out of COVID and we have the means that were a little bit less than normal to help our families and if we have the opportunity we’re going to do it. They need our support, the demand is there and we’re going to meet the demand.”

Hogs For The Cause is planning to be back in 2021.


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