HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) – Every morning, before the Louisiana sun’s up.

He’s up.

To sit down and meditate, as WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood joins in with him.

The meditating man says, “it’s giving me an opportunity to sit back and relax every morning and be grateful, to be honest.”

Then he’s ready for a nice long day of peace and quiet.

Actually, 38-year-old Terry Adams clocks in for his full-time job, a full day of motocross madness,

In his hometown of Hammond, Louisiana, Terry trains.

In his backyard.

On his BMX bicycle.

He’s voted number one in the world.

Three times.

Terry Adams says, “even though this is a super competitive sport, there’s something that comes deep within of why I love to sit out here and ride this bike.”

For Terry, every BMX bike contest is a 3-minute test.

That’s all the time he gets to perform.

So he takes his time.

Time to take his bike past the finish line.

For a photo finish.

Not long ago it was a picture taken in a forest full of Tennessee fireflies.

Bill Wood says, “you got lost in the lightning bugs.”

Terry Adams says, “very intriguing to me, so when they tell you there’s a lot of fireflies out there, it didn’t hit me until I was out there riding and seeing thousands of these things around me.

He’s been on a bike since he was a kid.

With a dream even then for the ride of a lifetime.

Pedaling to perfection.

Terry Adams did it.

Flying on two wheels.