I never thought I would see, in the airport, a poet on Concourse B


Louisiana's Christian Davenport calls himself "Cubs the Poet"

NEW ORLEANS – Nothing but non-stop noise.

That’s the New Orleans soundtrack at the airport.

Louis Armstrong International Airport.

That’s all you hear until you hear who’s set up in the middle of the terminal.

He looks like he’s lounging in his living room.

A man.

On a couch.

At a desk.

A man and a typewriter.

WGNO’s Bill Wood says he’s in the airport writing poetry.

Faster than a team of teenagers late for an overseas flight.

He creates custom poems from his airport post.

He delivers them to the travelers who sit down to inspire them.

He is Christian Davenport.

He calls himself Cubs the Poet.

Because he’s curious.

Like a baby bear.

He is Cubs.

His words of wisdom arrive on time. Typed out on a boarding pass.

Like the travelers passing through the airport, his words travel on.

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