NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— During the months of August through October, hurricane activity could ramp up.

“We don’t need a hurricane,” Shelleand Terry, New Orleans resident said.

Folks like Shelleand Terry are ready if there is a hurricane.

“I’m prepared. I got my batteries, I got my radio, I got my candles, I got my flashlight, I got my canned goods,” she said.

She went on to say, “You never know what is going to happen. Last year Hurricane Ida was a big surprise.”

According to the National Weather Service, around 80 percent of tropical storms impact our region between the months of August through October. They say this season seems like it started off slow, but it has actually been pretty typical so far, and that’s why it is important for everyone to stay weather aware.

“We know people here know what’s up, but at the same time it never hurts to remind them to get the message out to stay vigilant,” Greg Dolittle, Senior Disaster Program Manager with the Louisiana Region of the American Red Cross said.

Dolittle says now’s the time to make a plan.

“People need to make a kit. Either if they are staying in place or evacuating,” he said.

He went on to say that everyone needs a hurricane kit.

“Water, non-perishable goods, food items, copies of critical documents like birth certificates and social security cards,” he said.

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Dolittle also wants to remind everyone…

“One of the hardest things to do last minute is make arrangements with insurance providers. You definitely need to get that done as soon as possible. Make sure you have the coverage you need. Do the things now to make sure you and your family are prepared,” he said.

The National Weather Service says this hurricane season there have already been three named storms sooner than normal.