NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A sea of people lined the sidewalk down Elysian Fields as The Phoenix Bar hosted a massive Monkeypox vaccination event.

“We were able to initially get 300 doses of the vaccine and we just found out — I don’t know how — we just got 200 additional doses kind of in the middle of the event,” said Adam Tatar, social media manager at The Phoenix Bar.

The event kicked off at 4 p.m. but despite the sweltering heat, folks started lining up at noon just to make sure they could roll up their sleeves and get their first dose.

“It’s not on everyone’s radar right now, but you know, I thought, you know, I want to be ahead of the curve on this,” said attendee Jeff Malfatti.

Tuesday, the Louisiana Department of Health reported five new cases, bringing the state’s total to 88. While this doesn’t seem like much, the state believes there are likely many more undiagnosed cases.

Those who stood in line for hours to get the vaccine told us they didn’t mind the wait, they say they rather be safe than sorry.

“The gay community always has events going on, we’re always so close to each other, we’re always meeting up for social events, and it’s good that we’re protected because this is a skin-on-skin contact type of disease,” said attendee Jose Figueroa.

“A friend of a friend who had Monkeypox and they said it’s very painful, it’s nothing to dismiss. I don’t want to be in that position, so that’s why I’m here, to get vaccinated,” said attendee Michael Atwater.

Those who received their first dose today also got a free shot of liquor.

According to event organizers, there will be another vaccination event for folks to get their second dose in about a month.