Humane Society looking for man who threw dog from moving vehicle

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MARKSVILLE, La. – The Humane Society of Louisiana is looking for a man who threw a dog out of a moving vehicle last week.

The incident happened on May 21 on Brouillette Street in the town of Marksville, according to Humane Society director Jeff Dorson.

The dog, which has been nicknamed “Penny,” suffered a possible fracture to her back leg after being thrown from a dark green Chevrolet by a white male.

Penny is in stable condition and has been taken in by an animal rescuer until a veterinarian can take a closer look at her injuries, according to Dorson.

“We are saddened that individuals continue to abuse and neglect animals on a regular basis,” Dorson said. “There is always a humane solution to every problem. Instead of throwing any animal out of a moving vehicle, which will obviously cause harm, injury, or death to the animal, and possibly lead to an accident involving other drivers, the humane option would be to surrender the animal to the local shelter or post the need for a good new owner on any social media site. Plenty of people would have adopted this great dog, if just given the chance.”

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact the Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE, or 1-901-268-4432.

The Humane Society of Louisiana is also seeking donations to pay for Penny’s medical care and possible surgery to her back leg.

Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 740321, New Orleans, LA, 70174, and can be made online at All donations are tax deductible.


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