NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— New Orleans is gearing up for one crowded weekend with Southern Decadence and the big LSU/Florida State game on Sunday.

Lots of local businesses say the crowds are exactly what they need.

“New Orleans is a great city and a great time of year to be here. Lots going on,” Chris Derosier who’s visiting from Chicago said.

It has been two years since New Orleans has celebrated Southern Decadence which brings in millions of dollars to our city.

Mark Romig, President of New Orleans and Company says hotel occupancy is better this year than in 2019.

“Occupancy is close to 90 percent which is really strong,” Romig said.

This Labor Day weekend is not only strong because of Decadence’s comeback, but the LSU/Florida State game on Sunday is helping to make the economy roar too.

“Having Florida State and LSU game on Sunday night means we will have additional occupancy on Sunday night, people will stay over the holiday through Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday,” Romig said.

The Royal Sonesta New Orleans is already seeing the huge impact.

“Sold out Saturday and Sunday, which is fantastic,” Al Groos, General Manager of Royal Sonesta New Orleans said.

Groos went on to say, “What this means is we are coming back. We have lots of people coming into New Orleans to have a fantastic time.”

“We do it better than anyone else. We are built to host in New Orleans and we’re going to prove it this weekend,” Romig said.

This is the 50th anniversary of Southern Decadence.