NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Thick fog mixed with smoke is a deadly combination that’s already caused two major crashes in just as many weeks.

“You know, we can deal with multiple car pile ups and the injuries can be severe, but when you’re now talking fatalities. We’re just begging people that drive more sensibly when you’re talking about fog,” Don Redman with AAA said.

Redman says his obvious first recommendation is to check the forecast and avoid driving through areas where fog is present.

He recommends finding an alternate route, if possible. If you must get on the interstate or highway in foggy conditions, pay close attention to your speed.

“Talking 25 to 30 miles an hour is about as fast as you can go. It’s a scary feeling, but when you pull off to the side of the road, that’s not a safe place to be,” Redman said.

He also says to avoid using your emergency lights as well as your high beams, which will only cause more harm than good.

“Your high beams are going to cause a reflection and a glare right back. It’s going to bounce right off of that fog, right into you and it actually makes it harder to see with your high beams on,” Redman said.

What should you do if you’re involved in a crash in the fog?

Redman says getting out of the car is not necessarily the correct choice, depending on where it happens.

“If you’re in a multi-lane highway, it’s probably better to go ahead and stay in your car. It may not be a safe place to get out of that car, but make sure you are strapped in and make sure everyone in your vehicle remains strapped in because you are anticipating potentially being hit again,” Redman said.

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