How does Bourbon Street become Gratitude Boulevard?


Chef Samuel Peery and his team serve Thanksgiving grace

NEW ORLEANS – On Bourbon Street, gratitude goes both ways.

And this time of year, believe it or not, Bourbon Street becomes Gratitude Boulevard.

As sure as Chef Samuel Peery prepares a feast at his French Quarter Restaurant R’evolution.

It’s inside Royal Sonesta New Orleans Hotel

WGNO’s Bill Wood travels one of the world’s most famous streets to find out how the chef is serving up gratitude.

It starts in the kitchen.

Food is the focus, after all, for the season.

But the pandemic puts us in a predicatment.

The menu is missing something this year.

But with the right recipe, every day is Thanksgiving.

You get it.

Because what you’ve got, is what Chef Samuel Peery and his team have.

It’s grace.


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