How deep is your love for LSU? One fan will dry your tears of joy with an LSU tissue

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AMITE, La -  The phone rings.

WGNO News with a Twist fun guy Wild Bill Wood answers, "hello, he's right here."

Wild Bill tells the man standing by the phone, "somebody with some LSU stuff they want to sell."

The man says, "hey what you want for it? what you got?"

As for what this man's got.

He's got everything LSU.

Anything LSU.

He collects it.

And he's ready to take Wild Bill on a tour of his collection.

He's got an LSU Barbie doll.

Wild Bill asks, "would she date an Alabama Ken?"

This collecting man says, "I doubt it."

He shows his LSU Coca-Cola bottles.

Wild Bill confesses, "I'll have that with a shot of LSU rum."

All this LSU stuff used to be in his house.

But all this LSU stuff filled up his house.

So he built a warehouse next to his house.

"It's a 2,400 square foot building," he says.

He is Nick Cefalu.

Dr. Nick Cefalu has been in the family practice business here for decades.

He's the doctor always wearing LSU scrubs.

Dr. Nick Cefalu went to LSU Medical School from 1974-1978.

He shows you a LSU water meter cover from Baton Rouge.

The doctor bought that, too.

Wild Bill wonders, "have you ever thought about seeing a psychiatrist because of your LSU obsession?"

Dr. Nick says, "no I don't like psychiatrists."

Wild Bill asks, "what will you do when you fill up this warehouse?"

He says, "well I got a 1,400 square foot rental house, it's about two-thirds filled, mostly with a lot of Christmas stuff."

Soon it will be filled with LSU stuff.

So much stuff, Dr. Nick Cefalu is taking pictures.

Hundreds and hundreds of pictures of all his LSU stuff.

He'll put the pictures in a book which should be out in time for LSU bowl season.


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