NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Orleans and Jefferson parishes are still weeks away from having to worry about saltwater, but for businesses like hairstyling, there’s been a lot of talk over how to keep customers happy and their hair healthy.

“Imagine your hair when you get out of a swimming pool, or the beach,” said Owner of Cut Loose Hair Salon Kathy Roughelot. “Imagine your hair is going to feel dry. So, you have to take what was put in it by the salt and then you have to replenish it.”

Roughelot said there’s no denying the impact saltwater can have on your hair, but there are ways to prepare for it, as well as treat it.

“In order to prepare your hair for the saltwater, you want to use the watered-down conditioner. You can just put it in a spray bottle. Your hair will absorb the first product that goes in it. So, that’s the watered-down conditioner, and that will protect your hair from the saltwater.”

Roughelot said products like hair masks, oils and detoxing shampoo will help when the time comes. According to Roughelot, shampooing your hair isn’t always necessary, and now would be a good time to lay off.

It’s similar to the advice Dermatologist Elizabeth Grieshaber is giving her patients.

“Making sure you’re using a good hydrating body wash,” said Grieshaber. “Like Dove, Cetaphil CeraVe, Eucerin. You don’t want something that’s antibacterial like that’s super drying, because that’s going to make your skin even drier.”

Another thing Grieshaber wants you to keep in mind is if you’re on any type of medication that could make your skin even more dry or if you have naturally drying skin, you’re going to want to start preparing your skin now.

“Usually, creams are going to be more hydrating than lotions because a cream has a higher hydrating potential.”

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