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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Holy wow!  Nourishing the body is just as important to 80-year-old, Sister Jean Marie Craig as nourishing the spirit.

She said, “Movement is so important.  Have you ever stopped to think if you didn’t move, what could you possibly do in a day?”

This nun is a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament and has been teaching Physical Education and First Aid/CPR to Xavier University students for 32 years.  She’s an Xavier alum, herself.  She graduated in 1972.

Sr. Jean Marie’s students weren’t exactly sure what to expect when they signed up for an aerobics class with and 80-year old nun, but they soon found out that she’s a real blessing.

“She challenges us every class and she wants us to do our best.  She’s definitely hard-core for a nun,”  Leticia McDaniel, Junior at Xavier, said.

“Students say I’m tough.  I expect them to come to class and earn their A-grade,”  Sr. Jean said.

For her it’s all about getting these college kids into the habit of good health.

“If you stop exercising, it’s a lot harder to get it back,”  she advised.

Xavier University is in the process of building their new student fitness center.

If you’d like to help, call Xavier Institutional Advancement at 504-520-7575.

Xavier University is the only Catholic Historically Black University in the country.