With his one typewriter.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood watches as the man and the typewriter make a masterpiece.

It’s a poem in progress. The location is the Columns Hotel in New Orleans.

That’s where Christian Davenport is poet-in-residence.

The poet is now appearing in his own one-man show that takes his talent to a bigger canvas.

That’s where he combines a poem with a portrait.

He calls it a Poetrait.

Bill Wood says, “You have actually added a new word to the dictionary, poetrait. So what is a poetrait?”

Christian Davenport says, “It’s the union between a poem and a painting, as I write the poem I use that to inspire the portrait.”

Around the hotel, people sit down to strike up a conversation and pose.

For the poet who wants you to call him Cubs.

Because he’s curious.

Like a baby bear, a cub.

Bill Wood says, “You are so good with words, finish this sentence, poetry has the power to …”

Cubs the Poet says, “To build a bridge over the river of differences to show that we’re connected through our mind, body, and soul.”

He’s the Louisiana man on a mission.

He’s out to prove that a poem still matters.

The proof is in the picture.

Cubs the Poet says, “maybe the next one could be you.”